Ready to Return

My blog has been essentially dormant for the past year.   I’ve been working on this:

And while I had hoped to keep the blog alive during this journey, the reality was that time was forever a currency in limited quantity.  For every opportunity I seized, there were many opportunities that were not seized as a result.  I quickly learned that this is the reality of life at Harvard: it is a place of endless options.  And so, I chose to defer things like blogging, which could be done post-Harvard, in attempt to absolutely maximize the number of Harvard-specific things I could take in during my short time here.

I am satisfied with how this strategy played out.  I was able to capitalize on many unique opportunities that pushed my thinking, expanded my world, and left me with memories to cherish.

Pictures can do little to encapsulate the experience, but here are a few photos of the journey:

  • Conversations with Noam Chomsky and Howard Gardner

  • Jeb Bush at an Askwith event

(The Askwith forums are livestreamed on the day of the event and are available on video after the events.  Past events are on the HarvardEducation channel on YouTube and more information about the events, including calendars of upcoming events can be found here.)

  • Visiting science PhD friends in their labs, and learning first-hand about the incredible work they are part of

  • Boston in the fall

  • Idyllic social events

  • Studying at the Widener Library

  • and participating in research studies

The list goes on.  It was a great experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to be in this environment and saturate myself in learning.  Now that my program is complete and my degree has been given, I hope to return to blogging and begin to document some of the lessons that I’ve learned and the questions that remain.  Here’s to a world where there is always more to learn!




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