Beginner Basics for Twitter

Previously, I’ve shared my rationale for joining Twitter.  If you’re interested in joining the world of Twitter but need some guidance for the beginning steps, read on:

Opening an Account:twitter home page

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. You will be asked to choose a username, which will become your “twitter handle”.  When people want to respond to you via Twitter, they will use your handle.  Any tweet (including handles) must not exceed 140 characters, so ensure that your handle isn’t too long.
  3. When twitter eggyou sign up, by default you will have an egg as your profile picture.  The egg tends to be indicative of accounts that are rarely used, so change your picture to something…anything.
  4. Provide some biographical information in your profile description to help connect with people with similar jobs or interests.  twitter bio
  5. The first few tweets are the most nerve-wracking.  Send out a few to try it out.
  6. Find some people to follow.  After following them, their tweets will show up in your “Twitter feed” (to find your feed, press the “home” icon on the Twitter website).  This is your live feed of tweets from anyone you follow.twitter feed

How to Read a Tweet

  • Twitter handles:
    •  As was mentioned above, the @ and the characters immediately following it is a Twitter handle.
    • Clicking on it will take you to that person’s page, where you can view all of their tweets.
    • Including someone’s handle in your tweet will cause them to be notified of your tweet and will put the tweet into their notifications.  In the tweet below, by putting Shelley Burgess’ handle in, I was able to ensure that she would see that particular tweet.

  • Hashtags
    • Twitter uses hashtags (the # sign and the characters that immediately follow) to collate data.
    • This is similar to a Twitter feed but it is specific to a certain topic.  Unlike your Twitter feed, here you are able to see tweets of people who you do not follow.
    • If you would like to ensure that people who are interested in a particular topic see your tweet, include a pertinent hashtag.  I wanted to share my tweet below with people who were interested in neuroscience, so I included #neuroscience.  Anyone can look up #neuroscience and this tweet will show up, even if they don’t follow me.

  • Links
    • Note that hyperlinks often look different on Twitter than they do elsewhere.  This is because of the 140 character limit.  Sometimes the link has been condensed using a URL shortener.  These look something like this:
    • Links that have been condensed by a URL shortener are becoming much more rare because Twitter will now automatically shorten links.  If you put in the full URL of a site, Twitter will only show the beginning of the website and the rest is cut off, like this…

Really, the best way to learn how Twitter works is to start using it.  Set up an account, follow some people, and then click on the links and explore.  A whole world of information is waiting to be discovered!


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