Beginning my Blogging Journey

Perhaps I should begin my blogging journey with full disclosure: I’m not a fan of blogs.  For many reasons, they’re just not my thing.

“Humans are producing such quantities of data—2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, to be precise—and on such a steep curve, that 90 percent of all existing data is less than two years old.”

Essif, Amien. “Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google.” Alternet. 23 May 2015. Web. 7 June 2015.

I see statistics like this and I wonder how much of that information could be categorized as self-published, unverified data and unsolicited opinion.  I would prefer to not add to that category of data, and I do recognize that many blogs would not fit into those descriptors.  Regardless, it’s not without reservation, and I feel that I’m executing a bit of a double standard to begin blogging myself, but here’s why I’ve decided to forge ahead in this anyhow:

1. Twitter and the limitations of 140 characters

About a year and a half ago, I joined Twitter.  It has been really quite revolutionary in terms of my own professional development (more on that in my next post).  Although I have become quite adept at conveying my thoughts in 140 characters, sometimes a longer discussion is simply necessary.  A blog will enable me to convey some of the thoughts that require more conversation.

2.  Structured mental processing

I would imagine that many people can relate to this: I often process thoughts incompletely.  If I were to have more focused thought on an issue or concept that I am pondering, it would be really valuable, but I don’t bring my thought processing there as often as I should.  Writing brings structure and clarity to our thoughts so a blog, I hope, will be helpful in terms of my own thought processing.

3. Digital Citizenship

I try to teach my students digital citizenship.  It’s an area where I have much room for growth in my teaching but it is something that we, as educators, can’t deny as necessary.  What good does it do if I don’t ‘practice what I preach’?  Having a blog forces me to think through and deal with some of the digital citizenship issues that I should be discussing with my kids.  I can better teach them if I’ve worked through the same concepts for my own self.

There are other reasons that I could add to the list, but these are my main ones that have propelled me forward.

And so, I begin this journey.  We shall see where it goes.  Join me if you wish.



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